Available Properties

Block 1

LotLot TypeAcresPrice
Lot 4DW0.35$45,000

Block 2

LotLot TypeAcresPrice
Lot 1FB0.37$45,000
Lot 3FB0.27$43,000
Lot 4(Slab)0.20$35,000
Lot 7(Slab)0.20$35,000
Lot 8(Slab)0.20$35,000
Lot 10(Slab)0.20$35,000
Lot 11(Slab)0.27$36,000

Block 3

LotLot TypeAcresPrice
Lot 1FB0.33$44,000
Lot 2FB0.28$43,000
Lot 3FB0.28$43,000
Lot 4FB0.26$42,000
Lot 5FB0.44$47,000
Lot 6FB0.56$52,000
Lot 7FB0.48$50,000
Lot 8FB0.41$45,000
Lot 9FB0.29$43,000
Lot 11FB0.27$43,000
Lot 13FB0.27$43,000
Lot 14FB0.29$43,000

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